About Us

Think Chess 4 Kids is a South Bay organization dedicated to the promotion and education of students of the game of Chess. As you know it is extremely beneficial to have an organized chess club in the South Bay . Just bringing a quality after school chess program is not enough. Think Chess 4 Kids has a staff of proven coaches and nationally ranked players and tournament organizers. TC4K founder Michael Angelo Purcell is the former Director of STAR Chess an after school enrichment program. He has taught chess in the classroom for over 20 years. He has taken his students to tournaments all over the country and has had them bring home National and State titles. The main focus of his life the past 8 years was scholastic chess and he was one of nine finalists for the national scholastic director's position for The United States Chess Federation.

Where Is Think Chess?

We are located in Torrance California and plan to have a store front in the near future. Our classes are held throughout the southbay and on the westside. Please fell free to contact us if you would like a class in your area.

Be Part of Our Community

Think Chess Family is coming soon and parents can sign up their family for discounts and special access to content as well classes and private lessons.

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